Positive Intentions for the Day: A Guide for Introverted Women

January 12, 2024

I'm Jess. This blog is a collection of everything I've learned as I rebuilt my self-image from a burned-out-extrovert-wannabe to an at-ease-introvert-bookworm.
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Positive intentions are an effective way to take action in your life, especially if you’re an introverted person. 

When you set positive intentions for the day, you are making definitive choices to act and live differently. They set you up for success by framing your goals in a way that’s both inspiring and attainable. 

Positive intentions can help introverts live a more harmonious life. 

How Setting Positive Intentions Helps Introverts

Let me know if any of this sounds familiar:

  • You’re tired of always saying “yes” to things you’d rather say “no” to.
  • You frequently push through low energy and even burnout because you have so much to do.
  • Being honest about your introversion makes you uncomfortable so you often pretend to be an extrovert instead.
  • Playing social butterfly when you’d rather be at home is more common than not, and it leaves you exhausted every time.
  • You’d like to start living more like your heart desires, but you aren’t sure how to do it without losing face.

Been there, done that. And let me tell you, it was a lot of work to get over the self-double, limiting beliefs, and societal expectations. But boy, am I glad I made changes in my life to live in harmony with my introverted side. 

Even though embracing my nature as an introverted woman wasn’t easy, it’s given me so much more opportunity to spend time doing what really matters to me (hello, reading books and trying my had at writing a novel.)

Positive intentions helped me begin to shift my mindset and get past that huge emotional wall I’d built between who I was and who I was pretending to be. When I finally admitted that it was time for me to live life on my terms, things began to change for the better.

So, if you’re ready to start living the way YOU want, hop in. There’s plenty of room for us introverts to build the lives we want. It’s possible to stop making ourselves fit into extroverted boxes and begin living with more intention and confidence. 

How Do You Set Intentions? 

Setting intentions is easy. You just need to identify your goals and make strong, affirmative statements to help you reach them. Here’s how to get started:

  • Identify what you really want. Are you looking to live more peacefully? Do you want to invest more time into self-care? Do you need to destress your job or relationships? Be specific here so you can really tap into the best intentions for your needs.
  • Start thinking positively. I know, I know, way easier said than done. But trust me — positive thinking underscores everything else. When you think positively, it’s also a lot easier to trust your intentions will work out.
  • Make an action plan. Once you have your intentions chosen, you need to take small steps to bring them into reality. Tiny Habits are a super effective method for doing this. They’re easy andgreat confidence boosters.

Positive Intentions for Introverts: 15 Examples

Here are some of my favorite examples of positive intentions for introverts. Be sure to share your own with me in the comments! I love hearing from you guys.

1. I will think positively.

This intention seems so simple, but it’s one of the most impactful. When you decide that it’s time to ditch all the negative self-talk, you make more room in your mind and heart for nurturing, positive thoughts. 

Believe me when I say that this single intention can be a total game-changer. As introverts, we might question how much we really bring to the table.

2. I will listen to myself.

As introverts, we tend to second-guess our needs and wants in favor of what we think will make other people happy. The only problem is this usually means ignoring our own needs until we’re completely exhausted and have to retreat into a pile of blankets to recover for days at a stretch. Don’t get me wrong – I love curling up under the covers with a good book to recharge, but only when it’s something I want to do, not something I have to do because I’ve pushed myself way past my limits.

Set an intention to listen to yourself so you can start setting healthy boundaries in your life.

3. I will spend more time offline.

This action is a HUGE help – especially when it comes to preventing overstimulation. Being at a desk job and then sitting on your phone all day is a recipe for overwhelm, overstimulation, and the comparison game. Even if your career isn’t super screen-heavy, when you need to recharge, tech usually isn’t the best way to do it.

This intention helps you focus on doing more restorative activities that genuinely make you feel good, whether that’s taking a walk, journaling, or reading a good book.

4. I will let go. 

Letting go of anything holding you back is scary, and it can feel impossible sometimes. But letting go of fears, stress, and expectations holding you back is so worth it. You deserve peace of mind. You can only get it by allowing yourself to give up the negative feelings and beliefs holding you back.

5. I will read more.

I know, I know – I keep slipping in mentions of books, but they’re amazing and there are so many benefits to reading. Reading helps you disconnect, engages your creative brain, and is a break from mindless scrolling. 

Picking up reading doesn’t have to be expensive, nor does it have to look a certain way. There are paperbacks and hardcovers, but there are also ebooks and audiobooks. In addition to well-known authors and titles, there are countless amazing books by self-published authors to build a reading habit with.

6. I will make time.

For what? Only you know. 

Making time for what matters is so important. Dedicate yourself to making more time to care for yourself and the people who matter most to you in life. You won’t regret it.

7. I will move more.

Every day, get yourself moving in a way that feels good. Desk jobs are draining, and it’s important to remember that your body is a machine that requires regular care to feel and perform its best. As an introvert, prioritizing movement can be one way to destress and generate more energy. Movement also benefits your state of mind. Also, by purposely omitting the word “exercise” from this intention, you give yourself way more flexibility. Caring for your body can take many different forms.

8. I will get high quality rest.

The value of good sleep is immeasurable. Everyone benefits from good sleep, but introverts in particular are at their best when they’ve rested well. Getting enough sleep means you have more energy and more capacity to set and enforce boundaries.

9. I will make healthy meal choices. 

Eating well lays a foundation for our energy levels, and it’s important that we remember quick and easy isn’t always the best option. This intention can help you start meal prepping and/or choosing foods that boost you up.

10. I will set healthy boundaries. 

It’s okay to need space. Introverted women are usually afraid of being perceived as difficult twice over (once for being an introvert and once because of the expectations society places on women), but we have to remember that our needs matter, too. We don’t have to be the lives of the party all the time or constantly available to answer phone calls, emails, or respond to invitations. We can say no, draw lines, and do it kindly. 

11. I will let go of negative thoughts.

Whether it’s fear over speaking your mind or wondering why you didn’t talk enough at a meeting, letting go of negative thoughts will free up mental space and physical energy. You need this intention if you have a tendency to judge yourself harshly and get caught up in your head, wondering, “what if” or “why did I do that?” all of the time.

12. I will be present.

Don’t let fear of the future or regret over the past stop you from living an amazing life right now. This intention inspires you to live presently, be more mindful, and enjoy every day to the fullest. When you slow down, you reduce the overthinking associated with worrying about the past and/or future. This frees up mental, emotional, and physical space. 

13. I will enjoy myself.

If there’s one thing that’ll make a difference in the new year, it’s to prioritize having more fun! Whether it’s writing, reading, drawing, cooking, exploring — do what makes you happy and recharges you! If you’re wondering what this might look like, start by revisiting things you enjoyed as a child. You can also try going on a self-date. These are a fun way to spend time alone while still adding novelty to your life.

14. I choose to be me.

Being an introvert is not a burden. This took me a long time to internalize, but it’s made all the difference. embrace your inner light and let it shine! It may not feel like you are as noticeable as others, but you are in your own way. When you choose to be you, you can let go of judgment much more easily. 

15. I will make time for quiet.

Find time to embrace quiet in your life. Whether this looks like meditation, a walk in nature, or a creative pursuit, make sure to give yourself the space you need to recharge as an introvert. Explain this need to your friends and family so they can support you when you need to retreat for some me time.

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