Affirmations and Intentions for a Relaxed Life in 2024

January 19, 2024

I'm Jess. This blog is a collection of everything I've learned as I rebuilt my self-image from a burned-out-extrovert-wannabe to an at-ease-introvert-bookworm.
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As introverts, we’re often trying to make our lives more peaceful. It can be tough. Work, family, friends, and day-to-day life all vie for our attention, and we often find ourselves squeezing in self-care whenever it’s convenient (which can be harder than it sounds). While you may have already started prioritizing more me-time in your schedule, affirmations and intentions can also have a huge impact on living more slowly and peacefully in the new year.

In this post, we’re diving into affirmations for introverts and the difference between them and intentions. Both are important, but they have unique roles. If you’re ready to create a more positive life that nurtures your introverted spirit, read on.

What Are Affirmations?

Affirmations, or positive affirmations, are statements you say or think to yourself to channel a desired feeling or belief. Over time, they help you change your thoughts, beliefs, and mindsets. 

Saying “I am wealthy” won’t make a million dollars appear in your bank account, but it can help you think more money-minded thoughts and make better financial decisions.

Similarly, saying “I choose to live with peace” can help you prioritize peaceful actions over stressful ones. 

Affirmations for introverts are great confidence boosters. They help you shift your mindset to focus on your priorities, build upon the things that matter most to you, and live a life that nourishes instead of drains you.

What Are Intentions? 

Intentions are similar to affirmations, but they’re more like goals you set instead of beliefs you want to hold. 

When you set an intention you’re making a decision in the moment to move toward something you want. In this case, that’s a more peaceful life without all the stress, overwhelm and energy drain that can come from being pulled in too many directions as an introvert.

Your intentions are a guiding light — they guide you closer to where you want to be. They are able to be changed at any time, too. You’re always in control of your life!

Intentions help align us with our deepest goals and desires instead of allowing time to naturally pull us in one direction or another. Whether it’s to have a more peaceful relationship with ourselves, a more relaxing and rewarding job, or more free time to devote to passions, intentions are the way you get there by boosting yourself up mentally.

Affirmations Help You Believe in Your Intentions

When you set an intention to do something, it may still feel impossible to actually make it happen. 

When I set out to change my life and live more in line with my introversion, it wasn’t easy. I couldn’t wave a magic wand and instantly give myself the life I wanted. I still had beliefs to fight back — ideas about being an introvert that were negative and based on society’s stigmas and stereotypes.

Affirmations come in when you want to believe in yourself and reshape the way you perceive things. Over time, repeating affirmations helps rewire your subconscious and alter your inner belief system. 

Think about all the thoughts you may have in a day:

  • I’m so busy
  • I’ll never get this done
  • I never have any free timeI don’t know how to fix this 
  • What am I going to do? 

These thoughts are like little messages you send your subconscious every day. The more you think about them, the more frequent they become. 

So, to counteract them, positive affirmations for introverts help you rebuild a stronger foundation — one that’s peaceful, confident, and relaxed. 

Getting Started With Affirmations for a More Peaceful Life

Ask yourself, “What do I need?” and “What do I want?” to begin constructing affirmations. 

Then, get right to the point! Instead of saying, “I would really like it if I could find more time in my schedule to talk to my friends,” you can say, “I make time for my friends.”

Small, powerful statements like these have the power to change your life, so they don’t need to be complex!

Affirmations should embody the results you desire, and you should speak them as if they’re already your reality. So instead of saying, “I’d like to live more peacefully,” you could say, “I live peacefully.”

Even though you haven’t reached your goal, you can speak to your brain as if you have. Our minds don’t know the difference — they just know whether you’re being positive and feeling uplifted or sending negative messages and signals.

Tip: Don’t Overcomplicate It

You may feel the urge to write down a lot of different affirmations at once, but this can make you feel stressed. Avoid trying to master dozens and just focus on one to three for now. 

What are your top three affirmations? What are the top three statements that reflect the life you want to live? They could be, “I live with greater intention,” or “I live in the present moment.” I like to work with one affirmation at a time. This helps me live more intentionally. 

This helps you make headway by focusing all your thoughts, feelings, and energy on just one goal.

When you do this, you naturally start to live more presently and aligned with your goal. 

So, don’t worry about memorizing lots of different affirmations. Pick one that resonates with you, and say it to yourself multiple times a day.

Tip: Repetition Is Key

Affirmations need to be repeated again and again to really work. 

You can do this when you wake up, while you brush your teeth, on your commute, or before bed. Preferably, all of the above! The more you say these statements, the easier it will be to believe them.

Remember, you send your brain a lot of messages every day. Only saying an affirmation once or twice isn’t enough to make it stick among all the other noise. So, prioritize repeating your most important affirmations to really drive them home.

Tip: Listen to Affirmations

There are so many affirmation videos on YouTube that can help you on your journey. Look them up, write down your favorites, and just sit back and enjoy listening to the positive messages as you relax! You can try playing these as you stretch, meditate, start your day, or get ready for bed.

Top Affirmation Ideas for a More Relaxed Life

Now, let’s actually get into some affirmations! 

While writing your own can be really effective, you may be drawing a blank or be looking for some inspiration. Don’t worry, affirmations you read somewhere else are just as effective. What matters most is that they truly resonate with you and where you want to be.

Here are my top affirmations for introverts who want to live more slowly:

  • I make time for myself.
  • I prioritize my happiness.
  • I say “no” to things that drain me. 
  • I balance my personal and professional life.
  • I am calm. 
  • I am peaceful. 
  • I do things that bring me joy.
  • I embrace myself.
  • I live peacefully. 
  • I have harmony in my life.
  • I feel at ease. 

Intention Ideas for a Peaceful Life

Once you have affirmations, don’t forget to set intentions for your more relaxed life. These could include:

  • I create space for what matters most to me.
  • I take care of my mind and body by choosing actions that fill instead of drain me. 
  • I live every day in peace by choosing to embrace quiet.

Do you have any favorite affirmations? Have you tried setting intentions before? Let me know your goals for 2024 in the comments!

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