Key Takeaways from The Quietly Influential Summit 2023

March 28, 2023

I'm Jess. This blog is a collection of everything I've learned as I rebuilt my self-image from a burned-out-extrovert-wannabe to an at-ease-introvert-bookworm.
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The Quietly Influential Summit is a 5-day virtual event for introverted entrepreneurs. It’s an annual event. This year, it took place from March 20 to March 24, 2023 and was free to attend.

Its agenda covered topics relevant to introverted entrepreneurs such as:

  • Introvert mindset
  • Personal branding as an introvert
  • Authentic communication for introverts
  • Sales strategies and tactics for introverted business owners
  • Productivity for introverted entrepreneurs

In total, over 20 successful entrepreneurs who identify as introverts shared their personal experiences, insights, and tips including the event’s founders and co-hosts, Fifi Mason and Matthew Pollard.

As an introvert (INFJ), a coach for introverts, and an introverted business owner, I found myself head-nodding A LOT.

In this article, I summarize the key takeaways from The Quietly Influential Summit 2023 and share if I’d attend again next year.

Takeaway #1: Know Your introversion

To start, nearly every speaker addressed how important it is to know your introversion.

This is a takeaway I can get behind as it’s the first step toward living a happily, confidently introverted life. (Admittedly, I may be biased since this is at the core of Introverts Can’s mission.)

Knowing your introversion means taking the time to understand what it means to be an introvert on paper but also exploring what introversion looks like for you specifically.

That is, what type of introvert are you? What drains your energy? What recharges you? Etc.

Takeaway #2: Energy as Currency

Given that this was an event for introverted people organized by introverts, it’s no surprise that energy was a main topic of conversation.

Energy is a hot topic for introverts because, for introverts, it flows and needs to be recharged differently than for extroverts.

This is another takeaway I can put my stamp of approval on. It’s not only a topic I’m passionate about but one that I help clients address through Introverts Can.

Here are some of the most actionable tips for energy management:

  • Familiarize yourself with the physical symptoms that surface when you’re low energy.
  • Schedule buffers in between meetings to decompress and recharge.
  • Take breaks throughout the day or at events as needed – and know when to head home (without guilt).

Takeaway #3: Embrace Your Strengths

As introverted people living in an extroverted culture, it’s very likely that we’ve based our self-image and worth on inaccurate and limiting definitions of introversion.

We’re likely to think of ourselves as “less than” because we don’t meet extroverted ideals. That’s why this particular takeaway from The Quietly Influential Summit is so valuable.

In reality, introverted people have tons of innate strengths.

Most if not all of the speakers emphasized that they only found long-lasting success after playing into their introverted strengths. 

Innate introverted strengths include:

  • Deep thinking
  • Introspection (reflection and analysis)
  • Active and intuitive listening
  • Asking great questions
  • Strong observation skills
  • Strong writing
  • Emanating quiet and calm energy that brings people close to you

While these strengths may not align with extroverted behaviors, they are invaluable in life and can help introverts build successful businesses.

Note: From my experience, embracing your introverted strengths is easier once you’ve understood and accepted your introversion (takeaway #1) and accumulated some energy through energy management (takeaway #2).

Takeaway #4: Live Your Worth

If you’ve made it this far, you may have noticed that these takeaways build on each other – and that’s by design.

The next step – and takeaway – is to recognize your worth as an introverted person and honor it with your thoughts, habits, and conscious choices.

This practice is critical to long-lasting success because it will help you move forward, level up in business, and succeed as an entrepreneur.

The alternative is to doubt your value and undermine your potential.

How do you live your worth on a daily basis?

  • Become aware of your self-talk and make tweaks that support you.
  • Be open to the possibility of doing things differently.
  • Build new behaviors and habits that support you.

Would I attend The Quietly Influential Summit 2024?

Here is why I would attend The Quietly Influential Summit 2024 (and why I recommend all introverted entrepreneurs attend too):

  • Each session was jam-packed with value.
  • Most speakers shared free resources with attendees.
  • It’s encouraging to hear from other introverted entrepreneurs who have found success by being exactly who they are.
  • The event was well-paced: it was organized into half-days, and no session exceeded 60 minutes.
  • Attendees had the option to join an introvert-friendly networking event.
  • This is a free event (as of 2023).

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