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Hygge for Introverts: The Perfect Introvert Lifestyle?

November 3, 2023

I'm Jess. This blog is a collection of everything I've learned as I rebuilt my self-image from a burned-out-extrovert-wannabe to an at-ease-introvert-bookworm.
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Is there an ideal introvert lifestyle? From conversations with fellow introverts, it seems we tend to love anything cozy, quiet, and slow-paced where we don’t feel pressured or overstimulated. In English, we don’t have a word for this way of life, but the Danish do. It’s called hygge. In this blog post, we’ll explore what hygge for introverts entails and its benefits.

What is hygge?

Meik Wilking, author of “The Little Book of Hygge,” describes it perfectly: “Hygge is humble and slow. It is choosing rustic over new, simple over posh, and ambiance over excitement. In many ways, hygge might be the Danish cousin to slow and simple living.”

(This sounds like a dream!)

Hygge embraces meaningful moments and inner peace — two things introverts highly value. At its core is being present, living mindfully, and being content with what you have.

You might have noticed that hygge is the exact opposite of America’s uber-corporate, highly competitive, and fast-paced lifestyle (all common causes of introvert burnout). That’s what makes hygge an interesting alternative for introverts. Could it be the solution to the chronic overwhelm of living in an extroverted culture?

Finding Hygge for Introverts in an Extroverted Society 

You might be thinking, “That’s great, Jess, but how do I find hygge in a society that’s all about bright, shiny, and extroverted?”

The most important step is addressing your mindset. First and foremost, you have to accept that our culture’s mainstream definition of happiness is subjective and skews in favor of extroverts.

Our society values extroverted traits and behaviors over introverted ones, making introverts think our nature is wrong. The truth is that you don’t have to be an extrovert to to live a good life, have a good job, or be satisfied in your career. Introverts may feel pressured to always do “more” because they feel less than their extroverted counterparts. But it’s perfectly fine to be who you are and happy with wherever you are in life.

Hygge for introverts validates our way of being; it affirms that there are other ways to be happy besides what society tells us. It gives us perspective and a roadmap to build our own lives around.

You don’t have to follow hygge completely if you don’t want to, but it can be a helpful starting point.

You Can Find Hygge on Your Own

Embracing hygge isn’t just about forcing yourself to live by some code or standard. It invites you to live happily as yourself — even if that means being alone a lot of the time.

In truth, there is no such thing as a “perfect” lifestyle, but many of the principles of hygge seem well-suited for introverted people.

While togetherness is a key component of hygge, introverts can embrace its principles by themselves. Applying the concepts of hygge to moments of solitude can help you rest and recharge.

Below, I’ve outlined the main components of hygge and how they can be applied to create a more introvert-friendly life.

Collage of various images that represent the aesthetic of hygge for introverts: slow-paced, intentional, and cozy.
There are many ways to practice hygge for introverts, but at their core are mindset and being present.

Create the Right Ambience 

Make your home feel as cozy as can be. Light candles, hang string lights, use mood lighting, and focus on embracing everything that makes you feel at ease. Consider creating a cozy nook where you can curl up with a blanket and good book. Even better if it’s by a window!

Another great way to capture the right ambiance is to use natural textures whenever you can. Wood and natural elements are core components of hygge, and they invite you to rejuvenate your mind and spirit by connecting with the world even when you’re inside.

Ceramic pottery is another great hygge decor concept. Think cozy homemade cups, handcrafted candlesticks, and beautiful stoneware that’s practical and eye-catching. Choose colors that are calming to you — neutral or earth tones can have a soothing effect on your mind and fill a space without making it feel too overwhelming.

Hand lighting a candle with a match. Represents hygge for introverts concept of creating the right ambience.
Hygge for Introverts Tip: Embrace low, moody light to create a welcoming and soothing environment.

Slow Down For Cooking 

Prepare your meals with thoughtfulness and intention. Instead of rushing to get dinner out of the way, set up a nice cooking station and enjoy the process.

It’s okay to choose simple, easy meals that don’t require a lot of prep or clean-up. What matters most is that you are taking time to slow down and enjoy nourishing yourself and your family.

Photo of ingredients on a kitchen counter, along with cooking utensil like a cutting board and knife. Represents the concept of being present when you cook and romanticizing daily tasks for the sake of enjoyment.
Hygge for Introverts Tip: Romanticizing daily to-do’s, like cooking, can help you feel more present and at flow, helping you reduce your stress load.

Dress Comfortably

When it comes to building a hygge-inspired wardrobe, feel free to ditch the trends and embrace whatever feels good, including knit socks, wooly sweaters, and oversized sweats.

Hygge invites you to wear soft, comfortable fabrics with loose fits that make you feel completely comfortable. You can even carry this traditionally indoor style outside by adding a comfy cardigan or scarf to your outfit.

Photo of a woman in a minimalist black trench coat and unbranded leather flats suggesting a wardrobe inspired by quiet luxury.
Hygge Tip for Introverts: Focus on comfortable and well-constructed pieces to create a sense of stability and satisfaction when it comes to your wardrobe.

Enjoy a Hot Beverage

Hot beverages are a major component of hygge. We typically associate sipping hot drinks during the fall and winter, but this act of hygge can be enjoyed all year long. Herbal teas, coffee, lattes, and the like are perfect for unwinding at the end of the day.

Woman in a cozy-looking wool coat holding a hot latte.
Hygge for Introverts Tip: Hot beverages help us feel warm, but they also help us slow down. Try sipping on a hot beverage and becoming present by focusing on how it feels in your hands, how it smells, how it tastes, etc.

Buy Yourself a Dessert

This is probably my favorite principle of hygge: enjoy sweets regularly.

Eating pastries or desserts can sometimes be riddled with guilt, especially if you have been impacted by diet culture. It can trigger the overthinking machine so many introverts seem to have. But enjoying sweets can helps us enjoy the present.

Look up a local bakery and buy yourself something sweet to savor when you get home (preferably with the hot beverage we just discussed).

Instead of just eating whatever you bought when you get home, set up a nice table setting, light a candle or two, and truly enjoy the experience of the dessert. This experience also makes for a great introvert date night.

Photo of a pastry and a hot latte.
Hygge for Introverts Tip: Practice being present by savoring a sweet pastry or dessert. Turn an often guilt-riddled act (eating dessert) into a moment of appreciation for the here and now.

Togetherness Is Ideal for Introverts

While you can practice hygge on your own, it can also be the secret ingredient to having a much better satisfying social life as an introvert. 

The myth that introverts are antisocial comes from misunderstanding. We don’t hate everyone, we just value close-knit connections over shallow interactions. 

With the hygge philosophy, socialization – referred to as “togetherness” – is based on priority. Instead of saying yes to every invite or going out of your way to be friends with everyone, you only focus on the relationships that really matter.

More importantly, hygge living is all about being cozy. So instead of a rowdy jaunt to happy hour with your coworkers, you might invite your mom out for a pizza at a quiet Italian restaurant or have your best friend come over for a night in.


Hygge for introverts is a great way to counteract the ultra-fast-paced lifestyle we’re forced to live. If you feel like it’s always an extrovert’s world and you have to live in it, hygge invites you to make a cozy space for yourself. 

I love hygge because it reminds me to slow down, romanticize my life, and recharge. More than that, it lets me unwind and do all my favorite introverted things without feeling guilty or like I’m missing out. 

So, the next time your friends want to get together, why not invite them for a night in instead of hitting the town? Whether you’re an introvert or extrovert, hygge can be comforting for everyone.

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